Past Research Projects

2017 Research Projects

Study Title Investigator & Eligibility Department Enrollment (# 5-hr. Shifts)
Help change the way we think about our health! Robin Austin, DNP, DC, RN-BC

Ages 18 and over

Nursing 606 (2)
Let us pay for your State Fair food! Stacie Bosley, PhD & Marc Bellemare, PhD

Ages 18 and over;
English or Spanish language

Applied Economics 452 (2)
Are You A Rock Star? Michael Borofsky, MD

Ages 18 and over

Everybody Hurts – What do you know about chronic pain? Diana Burgess, PhD

Ages 18 and over

EpiCH; Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research, Mpls Veterans Affairs Healthcare System 1268 (10)
Keep Calm & Play On
Clayton Cook, PhD, LP

Ages 6-14

Educational Psychology 143 (2)
Brain Booth Kathryn Cullen, MD

Girls, ages 12-14, no braces

Psychiatry Recruitment Only
Got MILK? Ellen Demerath, PhD

Pregnant women who plan to breast feed their infants;
Women who are currently exclusively breast-feeding, and their infants.

EpiCH Recruitment Only
See Your Optic Nerves at the Driven to Discover Building Luai Eldweik, MBChB

Ages 12-65

Opthalmology 280 (6)
Kid Talk Study Lizbeth Finestack, PhD

Children 3 through 9 years;
Typical development;
Child and one parent must speak English.

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 173 (5)
Caregivers Count: Helping Loved Ones with Memory Loss Joseph Gaugler, PhD

Ages 18 and over;
Provide care for an adult with memory loss.

Nursing Recruitment Only
How Do You Moove? Casey Hooke, PhD, APRN, PCNS, CPON

Aged 8 to 18;
Able to walk;
Able to talk and answer questions.

Nursing 356 (3)
Earn cash and participate in world-renowned research! Hubbling, Shelly

Ages 18 and over.

Carlson Behavioral Labs Recruitment Only
Tickle Your Taste Buds! Deborah Roedder John, PhD & Maria Rodas, MBA

Females 18-64;
No food allergies

Marketing 294 (2)
Fashion at the Fair! Deborah Roedder John, PhD & Yajin Wang, PhD

Females ages 18-64;
No fabric or food allergies.

Sun’s Out, Thumbs Out! Leah Johnson, MA, OTR/L

Ages 13 -21;
No history of hand problems.

Program in Rehabilitation Science 225 (2)

Ages 18 and over;
Fluent reader of English.

Chemistry 233 (2)
Better Numbers for Better Health! Sohye Lee, PhD Candidate

Ages 18 and over

Nursing 228 (3)
Social Work: A FAIR assessment Elizabeth Lightfoot, PhD

Ages 12 and over;
Any gender or background.

Social Work 1357 (4)
Unravel the Silent Dental Epidemic in Minnesota Naty Lopez, PhD, Med

Ages 18 and over

Primary Dental Care 1543 (4)
Brain Fever Dawn Nederhoff, MPH & Nicole Basta, PhD, Mphil

Ages 18 and over;
Parent of a child who will be attending high school in the 2017/2018 academic year.

EpiCh 445 (4)
Be Part of Tomorrow’s Health Care Breakthroughs! Timothy Presley


CTSI Recruitment Only
Share Your Voice and Make a Difference! Lynette Renner, MSW, PhD & Melissa Heinen, MPH

Ages 18 and over;
Current Minnesota resident.

Social Work 1840 (10)
Let’s Talk About Sex! Kari Schneider, MD

Age 13-17 years; OR
Parent/guardian of a 13-17 year-old.

Pediatrics 1206 (6)
The Great Minnesota Sports Concussion Study Francis Shen, JD, PhD & Jessica Brown, PhD

Youth athletes ages 12-22;
Parents with school-aged children.

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 733 (4)
Beyond Rain Man: Understanding Autism Sheri Stronach, PhD

Ages 18 and over

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Spit on a Stick Frank Symons, PhD

Healthy females 0-60;
No illness, major injury, or vaccination in past 2 weeks.

Educational Psychology 159 (3)
Going Viral Katie Tastad, MPH

Women aged 18-44;
Minnesota resident at least 6 months of the year;
Not currently pregnant; AND EITHER
Never been pregnant; OR
Pregnant at least once within the past 10 years

EpiCH; Center for Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Translational Research, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases & Immunology 733 (5)
#HPV messaging on @Instagram: Help us go viral! Deanna Teoh, MD

Young adults ages 18-26

Gynecologic Oncology 1132 (4)
Where Brains Make History: the Human Connectome Project Melissa Terpstra, PhD
Kamil Ugurbil, PhD
Essa Yacoub, PhD
Kathleen Thomas, PhD

To participate in the studies:
-Ages 8-21;
-Ages 36 and older;
-In good health.
To learn about this exciting new project:

Center for Magnetic Resonance Research; Radiology; Child Psychology Recruitment Only
Let Your Genetics Treat Your High Blood Pressure Dang D. Tran, MD

Age 30 to 70;
History of high blood pressure (hypertension) or confirmed high blood pressure;
Willing to travel to select Fairview clinics.

Recruitment Only
Why do you buy? Lisa Trimble, PhD & Debra Freedman, PhD

Ages 18 and over;
Involved with making or helping with food purchasing decisions;
Uses social or traditional media sources for news/current events.

The Food Protection and Defense Institute 521 (2)
Hair Today Robert Turesky, PhD Medicinal Chemistry; Pediatrics 176 (3) Happens & We Study That! Byron Vaughn, MD & Piet de Groen, MD

Ages 18 and over;
-Diagnosed with a GI health issue; OR
-Have a family member with a GI health issue; OR
-Healthy volunteers for GI research.

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Recruitment Only
All Aboard the Brain Train! Citizen Scientists at UMN Sophia Vinogradov, MD

Ages 18-70;
Can use an iPad for visual and auditory tasks without help;
Fluent in English.

Psychiatry 279 (5)
How to Build a 21st Century Village Lindsey Weiler, PhD

Ages 18 and over;
Parent/guardian of one or more minor children.

Family Social Science 425 (3)
Families Living With Technology Lana Yarosh, PhD, and Sarah McRoberts

Age 5-12 with one adult family member;
Age 13-18;
Age 18 or older.

Computer Science & Engineering 412 (4)
Your Health, Your Research, Your Choice Heather Zierhut, PhD

Age 18 or older;

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development; Educational Psychology 952 (5)

2016 Research Projects

Title Eligibility Investigators Department Estimated Enrollment
(# of 6-hour shifts)
10,000 Families Study Ages 18 and up
At least one child (or grandchild) under the age of five who lives in MN.
Heather Nelson, PhD
Logan Spector, PhD
Pediatrics Recruitment Only
ABC’s and One to Threes 1-3 year olds and their parent or guardian Sheri Stronach, PhD Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 135 (8)
Agritourism: The Final Frontier in Agriculture Ages 8 and up Carrie Klumb
Joni Sheftel, DVM
Bruce Alexander, PhD
MN Dept. of Health, Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center; UMN Division of Environmental Health Sciences 1141 (6)
Are Your Hands “Hulk Smash” Strong? Men and women aged 21-49
Men aged 50-69
Men and women aged 70+
Corey McGee, PhD Occupational Therapy – Rochester 230 (4)
Autism Treatments: Fads and Facts Ages 18 and up
You do not need to have personal experience or knowledge of ASD to participate.
Veronica Fleury, PhD Educational Psychology 648 (5)
Brain Booth! Ages 8-18
Patient Group: Diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression or bipolar disorder
Healthy Control group: No history of any psychiatric diagnoses
Gail Bernstein, MD
Kathryn Cullen, MD
Psychiatry Recruitment Only
Cancer & U: What Do You Know About This Deadly Disease? Ages 18 and up
No cancer history
Hee Yun Lee, PhD School of Social Work 725 (9)
Food for Tot Children ages 3-5 and a parent or guardian Amy Gross, PhD
Megan Flynn, PhD
Claudia Fox, MD
Pediatrics 174 (4)
Food Matters Ages 18 and up
Able to complete a survey using an iPad
Mary Jo Kreitzner, PhD
Roni Evans, DC, PhD, MS
Jenny Breen
Center for Spirituality & Healing 660 (4)
Genetics Hide and Seek Ages 18 and up
Bonnie LeRoy, PhD
Heather Zierhut, PhD
Genetics, Cell Biology & Development 864 (5)
Heart of the Matter 2016 Ages 18 and up
Not pregnant
Sara Love, PhD
Fred Apple, PhD
Medical School 300 (4)
How Are You Feeling? Ages 18 and up Mary Butler, PhD
Robert Kane, PhD
School of Public Health 1016 (4)
How Good Are Your Eyes? Ages 18 and up
Smokers and nonsmokers
Andrew Lee, MD
Yao Wang
Medical School 108 (4)
How Well Do You Know Your Body? Ages 65 and up Ann Van de Winckel, PhD
Manda Keller-Ross, PhD, DPT, PT
Physical Therapy 111 (6)
If You’re Happy, How Do You Show It? Ages 18 and up
No history of facial paralysis
Emily Walsechuk, MD
Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD
Medical School 225 (7)
Information Overload Ages 18 and up Chris Weight, MD Medical School 394 (4)
Looking for ADAPT-able Military Families Has served or is serving in the U.S. military
Has experienced at least one overseas deployment since 2001
Has a child aged 5-12
Abigail Gewirtz, PhD
Amy Majerly
Chris Bray
College of Education and Human Development Recruitment Only
Make the GRADE in Diabetes Control Type 2 Diabetes patients with less than 10 years duration
Ages 20 and up
Taking only Metformin to treat Type 2 Diabetes
Elizabeth Seaquist, MD Medicine / Dept. of Emergency Medicine Recruitment Only
My Doctor Said What?! Ages 18 and up
MN resident
Nicole Theis-Mahon
Shanda Hunt
Bio-Medical Library 273 (2)
Ready-to-Eat or Ready-to-Cook? Ages 18 and up
You regularly shop for groceries for yourself or your household.
Gianna Short, PhD
Hikaru Peterson, PhD
Applied Economics 500 (4)
StudyFinder: Find Research Opportunities and Share Your Perceptions of Health Research Everyone is invited to check out StudyFinder and play trivia!
Must be age 18 or older to participate in the survey
Melissa Mueller
Timothy Presley
Clinical and Translational Science Institute Recruitment Only
Sun Safety in Children Ages 18 and up
Parent (or guardian) of a child entering K-8th grade
Ingrid Polcari, MD
Erin Dodd
Medical School 409 (4)
The Kid Talk Study Children 3 through 8 years
Typical development
Child and one parent must speak English.
Lizbeth Finestack, PhD Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 292 (10)
The Smile Study: What Matters in a Smile? Ages 18 and up Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD Medical School 500 (5)
Try Out the Videochat of the Future! Ages 18 and up
Normal or corrected vision
Ability to use at least one hand
Lana Yarosh, PhD Computer Science & Engineering 114 (4)
Unpack Your Parenting, Get a Backpack Parent of at least one child aged 3-25 Xiang Zhou
Advisor: Richard Lee, PhD
Psychology 866 (5)
What Have You HEARD about the  HERD? Ages 18 and up
MN resident for at least 6 months per year
Nicole Basta, PhD
Jacqueline Logan
Fareed Awan
Dawn Nederhoff
School of Public Health 1047 (5)
What Is Wellbeing and How Do You Get it? Ages 18 and up
Pamela Jo Johnson, PhD
Todd Rockwood, PhD
Roni Evans, DC, PhD
Center for Spirituality & Healing 1106 (4)
What We Buy, What We Eat Ages 18 and up
Regularly shops and prepares food for the household
Hikaru Peterson, PhD
Vaneesha Dusoruth
Applied Economics 339 (4)
What’s in Your Glass? (Part 2) Ages 18-74
Parent of a child aged 6-12
Primary responsibility for providing food for the child
Access to a computer or a smart phone
Speak and read English
Arwa Zahid
Marla Reicks, PhD
Food Science & Nutrition 195 (3)
Whether You’re 5 or 95: Help Us Explore the Science of Attention and Memory! All ages welcome
Parent or legal guardian needed for children under 18.
Yuhong Jiang, PhD Psychology Recruitment Only
Whoop(ing Cough), There It Is! Ages 1 and up (children under 18 must have legal guardian present)
Minnesota resident
Not immunocompromised
Erinn Sanstead
Shalini Kulasingam, PhD
School of Public Health 104 (3)

2015 Research Projects

Title Eligibility Estimated Recruitment
ABC’s and One to Threes 1-3 year olds and their parents  70
Animals and Human Health, from City to Silo Ages: 21 and older, live in MN, and are not pregnant  626
Blue Ribbon Snacking Study  Ages: 18 and older and have eaten at least one thing at the fair  306
Brain Based Therapy for Motor Recovery after Stroke 3-12 months post-stroke and in stable condition.  Ages: 18-70  NA (recruitment only)
Brain Booth Ages 8-17.  OCD subjects not on treatment.  Control subjects too!  54
Can You Crack the Health Care Code? Ages: 18 and older  371
Can You Detect a Liar? Ages: 18 and older  620
Do You Hear What I Hear? Ages: 18 and older  268
 Do You See What I See? Ages 6-35.  No diagnosis affecting social perception.  46
Eczema, Allergy and the Skin: Itchy Insights Ages: 18 and older.  Parent of a child under the age of 18.  398
Exploring the Exciting World of Science Ages: 18 and older  484
FINDing Connections Everyone is eligible!  NA (recruitment only)
Got Iron? Women, ages 18-45  190
Growing Healthy Kids: Little Sprouts Garden Study Parents: 18 and older.  Kids: 3-5  92
Hand Strength on a Stick Ages 13-30 or Ages: 50 and above  319
Heart of the Matter Ages: 18 and older.  Can’t participate for certain medical conditions  366
Help CONTROL Autoimmune Diseases! Ages: 18 and older.  No autoimmune disorder diagnosis  235
If You’re Happy, How Do You Show It? Ages: 18 and older  1,352
Join us for a Ride on the Reading Railroad! Ages: 8 and older.  No dyslexia  173
Make the GRADE in Diabetes Control Type 2 Diabetes patients < than 10 years duration, ages 20 & older  NA (recruitment only)
Minnesota Risk Preferences Ages: 19-70  400
Minnesota Sibling Support Ages: 9-17 with a sibling.  Does not have developmental disability.  53
MinnWorks: A Job Market Study Ages: 18 and older  490
Musicality Study: Test Your Musical Ability! Ages: 18 and older  368
Sunscreen Dispensers at the Fair Everyone is eligible!  2,187
Path to Math Survey Kids ages 8 and older.  Parents of school-aged kids.  533
POP Quiz: Enlighten your Mind and Save a Life Ages: 18 and older  1,488
Resilience Games Parent/Child pairs.  Kids: ages 4-12.  Parents: ages 18 and older.  320
Safe Schools Survey 2015 Ages 15-23.  Current high school or college student in MN.  956
Shifting Gears: Survey of Service Members’ Reintegration onto American Roads Anyone who served in the military between 2001 to the present  30
 Social Science on a Stick  Ages: 18 and older  1,134
 The Game Buffet  Parents of kids ages 2-4  97
The Gift of Grandparenting Grandparents  220
The Kid Talk Study Kids ages 3-8  232
The Real Life Game of Chance Ages: 18 and older  900
Tickle Your Taste Buds! Females, ages 18-50.  No food allergies.  450
TrainMeUp MN at the Fair Ages 18-40.  BMI > 25.  Sedentary, otherwise healthy.  NA (recruitment only)
UFFDA Study Ages: 18 and older.  Don’t have certain medical conditions.  579
What’s in Your Glass? Ages 18-74.  Parent of kids ages 6-12.  380
Where is My Arm? Ages 18 and younger  229
Wise and Well Ages 55 and older  413

2014 Research Projects

Title   Eligibility Estimated Recruitment
Safe Schools Survey Ages 14-19  788
The Kid Talk Study Ages 3-7  220
 FIND Your Way. Develop Your Brain  Autistic Spectrum Disorder Patients  67
Choices, Choices, Choices Kids: 4-7, Adults: 18-35  122
Cooking with Kids in Rural MN Parents of 8-12 year-olds.  Live in Rural MN  176
Minnesota Munchkins with Microbes Ages 3-70, at least 2 family members participate  207
Dental Therapists: Tooth or Consequences Ages: 18 and older.  Live in Minnesota  410
Rainbow Heart Health Ages: 18 and older  252
MN Veterans Coming Home Study OEF/OIF/Veterans deployed overseas OR spouses/partners of eligible veterans  91
Take it 2 Heart.  Learn Your Lipids. Ages: 18 and older.  Can’t have certain medical conditions  973
Make the GRADE in Diabetes Control Type 2 diabetes patients with less than 10 years duration. Ages: 20 and older.  15
Mythbusting Unreasonable Entrepreneurship Ages: 18 and older.  Are or intend to be an entrepreneur.  127
R U @ Rsk 4 T1D? First degree relatives of Type 1 Diabetes patients, ages: 1-45  12
State Fair Justice Ages: 18 and older  284
Social Science on a Stick Ages: 18 and older  457
Minnesota Taste 12 Ages 50-80  135
Faces at the Fair Ages 8-30  81
Brain Power Ages: 18 and older  399
Know Your Drink Study Kids: 9-12 and their parents, ages: 18 and older  392
Fitness After Fifty-Five Ages: 55 and older  434
Bipeds and Bad Dreams Ages 20-80  187
Food (Alert!) Ages: 18 and older  47
Spill the Bean Study Parents (ages: 18 and older) of children ages: 5-18  283
UFFDA Study Ages: 18 and older.  Can’t have certain medical conditions.  778
Distracted Driving Simulator Ages 16 and older  203
Colon Cancer. iPrevent. iTreat. iBeat. African American men, ages 18-65  310
Gopher Kids Study Previous participants in Gopher Kids.  207
What’s Behind Your Food? Ages: 18 and older  260
Blue Ribbon Snacking Study Ages: 18 and older  224