2018 Research Opportunity Announcement

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The Driven to Discover Research Facility was launched in 2014 to bring University research and researchers into closer contact with the Minnesota community. Nearly two million people visit the fair each year from across the state.

“..a great way to blend university research with community outreach.”
– 2014 D2D investigator



D2D allows fairgoers to participate in research in a fun, innovative, and convenient way. Most studies take under 20 minutes.



Drive to Discover Research Building

D2D allows researchers to reach a more diverse pool of participants and meet recruitment goals in a matter of hours or days. Over 60,000 fairgoers visited D2D during the 2017 Fair. If you’re interested in conducting research at D2D in 2018, see the Investigators page for details on applying.

“We were able to collect data from a broad section of the State’s rural population which would have been difficult to do any other way.”
– 2015 D2D investigator